A lot of times there just isn't a wrap out there that fits your personal style or you may have something very specific in mind. That's where we are happy to help you get exactly what you want. We can work with your budget and ideas and make your idea a reality! Be sure to visit our customer gallery to see more of the custom wraps we've created!




The design process all starts with an idea. Sometimes you know exactly what you want, sometimes you just have a style in mind. We start with an initial consultation over the phone or email to discuss what you are looking for in a design, colors and your budget. From there you can send me images that represent the feel you want your wrap to have, logo files and color ideas. Our artist will  Cost up an initial proof and we can refine from that point. Keep in mind that the more detailed you are in the initial consultation, the better chance that our artist will be able to get something close to what you want in the first proof and keep changes to a minimum and reducing design cost. Once we get final approval, we will print your wrap and send it off to you, or you can choose to bring us your sled to have us install it!




The base price for a custom full coverage wrap is $595 and includes one hour of design time. Once you decide to have us start designing a wrap, we ask for a $100 deposit. Design is $50/hour  with most wraps taking between 4 and 6 hours of design to complete.  Additional options are available as follows:

  • Install kit: $18
  • Professional installation at our shop: $150
  • Shipping: $25 to US locations, $60 to Canada
  • Wyoming Sales Tax applies to customers located within Wyoming



Some wrap designs are just to awesome to keep to one sled, while other customers are looking for a way to reduce the cost of a custom wrap. On a design by design basis, we offer a royalty program to allow us to sell the design with our affiliate Braap Wraps. There are two options, (1) For every wrap of your design we sell, we give you $20 towards your next wrap or (2) reduce the hourly design fee to $30/hour.





If you can ride it, we can wrap it.  We can custom design graphics for ATVs, dirt bikes, snow bikes, side by sides or any thing else you might ride. Base price varies by what we are wrapping, contact us today to price out a custom wrap for your favorite toy!

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contact us now to start your custom wrap today
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